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Jay’s Car Cleaning

Jay’s Car Cleaning is a mobile detailing company based in Lorain, Ohio. We serve the Cuyahoga County and Lorain County areas

We make your vehicle look and feel brand new

Our Services

Exterior Detailing

With our exterior detailing we will fully clean the outside of your car including the tires. We will remove any brake dust off of your tires and leave them looking clean. We also buff paint and add wax to it to make it look even better!

Starting @ $70


Interior Detailing

This is our favorite service to provide. With our interior detailing we will fully vacuum and clean your interior. We will ensure that your trim looks new, and will add a nice scent at the end to make your car smell great!

Starting @ $50


Protective Coatings

With all of our services we will provide protective coatings on everything. We want to keep your car looking clean and new longer! And we want to protect it from dirt and grime. This service is included for free

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied by our services or your money back! We take pride in the work we do and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the services we have to offer

Our goal is to make your car clean and spotless, and we wont settle for anything less


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Frequently Asked

Will you use my water?

Yes, thats the only thing we need from you, which is access to your water hose outlet. We have our own water hose!

Do I have to be there

You don’t have to be present. Just make sure your car has enough space around it for us to work, and make sure we’re able to get access to your water hose outlet

How long will it take?

Usually we can knock out a full detail within 45-60 mins, depending on how dirty your interior or exterior is

Do you have your own electricity?

All of our equipment is battery operated! We don’t require your electricity because all of our tools are battery operated. It also saves on costs

If I want to add on services, will you charge me?

We gotta make our money some how. Depending on what your needs are we will add on those services at a very affordable price